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Charlie and The chocolate factory - Assignment Example

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❶Our magical travel in this charming chocolate world begins with the acquaintance with Charlie and his family.

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by Roald Dahl
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He lived with his parents and four bedridden grandparents. The biggest happiness for him was a chocolate bar which he got once a year for his birthday. The cold and hunger were common things for him. And the world of this little boy changed because miracles happen to those who believe in them and deserve them.

Nevertheless, it was a lucky chance, when he found some money on the sidewalk and bought two chocolate bars. There was a golden ticket in one of them. It was not just a ticket to the chocolate factory, but it was a ticket to his new life which he was awarded because of his good nature and heart.

Besides Charlie, this story acquaints us with other children who differed from him. They were ill-bred, selfish and greedy. Because of their bad nature and behaviour they were ridiculed and they had a bad ending Tumer, Augustus Gloop was so greedy that he started to drink chocolate from the chocolate river and fell into it. Violet Beauregard used to chew a gum all the time.

When she went in the Inventing Room, she took an experimental gum, despite forbiddance from the elders, and blew up into a blueberry. Veruca Salt was a very spoilt child and she used to get everything from her parents. She wanted to have a trained squirrel. When she was refused, she entered into the Nut Room and was attacked by squirrels.

She was thrown into the rubbish chute. Mike Teavee was so obsessed with television that he used a television teleport and shrank himself because of it. All these children were punished because of their bad behaviour. You see that Charlie rather differs from other children in this story who are disobedient, greedy and aggressive towards the parents and others.

Despite their money, parents and possibilities, they lacked the main principles of humanity. They lacked kindness and kindheartedness. The fate of Charlie is absolutely opposite. He was destined to be a lucky one.

When others tried to use all their money and possibilities to get these golden tickets, he got it absolutely unexpectedly and without a great tug. This shows another resemblance in these characters as in Michael Jackson was filming a Pepsi commercial, when there was a mechanical fault.

This caused sparks, much like in the puppet show. Michael Jackson and Willy Wonka have a similar attitude towards children, they both seem enthusiastic yet unsure when they are around children, Willy Wonka is a sarcastic, yet excitable character, who gets very much excited about small childish things, for example, when willy Wonka is showing the visitors his chocolate factory, he gets very excited especially when showing his inventions such as the course-meal gum.

This could be related to Michael Jackson as when he is talking about his nevaland ranch he gets very excited about his creation, and almost enjoys showing it off to children. Johnny Depp has spoken out on numerous occasions about this topic, on every occasion both him and Tim Burton have denied all allegations that Willy Wonka was based on Michael Jackson in any way.

Johnny Depp could in fact be lying about this occasion as well however, has not found the right time to admit that Willy Wonka has based on Michael Jackson, as Michael Jackson has passed away.

Here they are again in another film together, which seems to be also related to Michael Jackson. The first Charlie and the chocolate factory was written in , it can be argued that the film has nothing to do with Michael Jackson as the original story was written before Michael Jackson was famous.

However this point can also be argued against as it is not the original version that is seen to be based on Michael Jackson, it is the many various and possibly irrelevant changes made to the original version which is seen to have a remarkably similar resemblance to Michael Jackson. In the film Willy Wonka seems to dislike children to a certain extent, for example in the film when the children first arrive inside the factory, he approaches them in a sarcastic manor.

Especially towards Verucca as he makes a remark about her name being some sort of wart you find on the bottom of your foot. Also whenever one of the children get into trouble, for example, when Verucca is thrown down the garbage shoot, Willy Wonka just stands back and does nothing, even though he has the power to save them.

This is the total opposite to Michael Jackson as Michael Jackson adores children and is always nice to them. He would never even dream of being rude to them or putting them in danger. Michael Jackson was never involved in a chocolate factory, and Willy Wonka was never involved with an amusement park such as Nevaland. In conclusion I believe that Willy Was in fact based upon Michael Jackson as there are too many similarities, some possibly too similar to be coincidental.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory essays The main characters in the story are a group of children named Charlie Bucket, Mike Teavee, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop. Charlie Bucket is honest and good.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a magical world created for children. It is a world of sweets, chocolates, candies, miracles, little creatures and magical inventions. It is a world of sweets, chocolates, candies, miracles, little creatures and magical inventions. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory study guide contains a biography of Roald Dahl, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Review on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Introduction Charlie and the Chocolate Factory () is a children’s novel by the famous author Roald Dahl. As the name of the novel suggests, chocolate is the food theme running through the plot of the novel. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Essays: Over , Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Essays, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Term Papers, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.