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Be strong because it takes strength. We too have similar problems I think. It's been 2 years since social 1st knocked on my door and the kids has suffered no end on there watch. Record your meeting because you may be told more lies keep track of everything keep on there backs. I don't know of anything else to tell you. Just I do know I'm not getting anywhere. Don't give up i know when people say that they never show you where to go for help and because it's not happening to them they don't really know what your going through but keep trying your not on your own.

I feel for you if you are innocent. I agree with you social workers do lie they cover their backs. But where you have been wrongly accused I have been protecting my granddaughter from the worst before social stepped in. The worst has happened to the child since they have been involved and I cannot be there to protect her from the things that nightmares are made of.

Her parents are not innocent like you say you are and social just don't care if I could turn the clock back 2 years to the day the social knocked on my door I would id of said nothing. She'd still have me protecting her now she has noone and no one cares so no I don't think reportee should be named. My life has been torn apart by real neglect parents and knowing the child is made to suffer so o much is destroying what is left of me.

The accuser should be named in some circumstances,my family has been torn apart because of someone putting in a report,the accused has blamed an innocent family member and everything is now a mess I believe that the person responsible has done it for personal gain because that person now has taken the child and is playing happy families with a new girlfriend,my family members is not a threat to her children and I am disgusted with the way the social services are dealing with it,they are only worried about covering their own backside so making bad decisions because they are scared of making a mistake if I thought that the children were in danger I'd be the first one to say so.

If you know of a child that suffers neglect and abuse does anyone out there know of anyone that can help. My granddaughter suffers so far no one has helped her not even social she still suffering. They call the cps baby snatched well my granddaughter would be better off being snatched.

Anyone know of anyone that can help. Grateful for any advise. Hi I reported my sister for neglect and abuse towards her children. I got named to parents that I reported them my life has been a nightmare ever since. The children still suffer and the social are working with parents but who's protecting the kids?

They cannot come to me anymore as I've been threatened by parents so this neglect and abuse still goes on. Anyone when asked a question do you neglect your kids can give a lie to get social off their backs. But no one is protecting these kids. I could give you a long list of all neglectfull and abusive acts that happened I can produce a old social report but what's point.

I have never found anyone to help save them and in meantime I suffer any threats. So my advice to anyone going to social to report neglect abuse from 1st experience there is no one who cares enough to help you beside hitting thousands of brick walls non helpers you lose contact with your nephews nieces and you are regularly threaten.

You might love these children or feel it is wrong but believe me there will only be you who knows and sees this everyone else turns the other way. Hi I reported someone to social services for neglect and violation towards a child. I thought I was helping to protect the child. I got named to parents and have never been allowed to see the child again.

This child is related to me. Should a person who is suffering from anxiety depression and depression look after a three month old baby. My neighbor is has a son named jj and she is always taking her son to the hospital claiming he has bad migraines so that they can prescribe him pain medicine and she can take them she is so addicted to them and is always so drugged up!

She even drives her vehicle with him in it like that! She has even taken him out of school because she claims he has all these doctors appointments. I don't know what to do someone please help. This girl name Ashley on Oakland Drive verbally and physical her child I witnessed this the home she lived in was a mess had a trailer with trash piled up high from front to back the lil baby was eating off the ground Ashley did nothing this home was a mess I have pictures I called CPS by the time they came out she had cleaned the yard and tooj all the trash off but I have proof so what can CPS do now Ashley has moved from her mom home which was nasty to keep CPS from seeing the mess what's next.

We have called cps for are grandson and can not get any help from cps they are a joke we though they are here to protect the child harm.

And are grandson is not in a very good. With living with his dad full time and his dad mom, dad, and the lawyers are ajoke to. He had to wear a small coat all winter that is a size five and small shoe and he is seven. And he has been back in pulls sent Jan. Of this year now why would a child do that. And seem to think that he is being sexley abuse by some one in that home.

His dad is a ex sex offender we went to court back and gave the Child to the dad now why would they so that is be on me and my hubby and my whole family know that are grandson is not in a good place. And it goes on from there. But this all I am going to put down for now. Oknsonhere is what I am gathering I can call cps and report someone for drugs or what ever even if they don't do it and the party I report will be investigated because I said something true or not and that person will never know it was me.

Yea that is not to good of a idea yall there are laws against slander and that is exactly what it would be if someone reported someone for drugabuse and they didn't do it just saying yall never had this happen to me but I have a friend that is going through this and has a job that drug tests on a regular basis.

But the person lied about it can just do it again in months. My family keeps intervening with my life and I have told them this is my house not yours and I walk out and apparently they can report me. I have had a social worker since late fall i was 14 , due to abuse I lost her card, days or weeks later.. I think I remember her name, but I don't know her age or if she is still a social worker I am not angry nor disappointed with her or CPS.

I live in California. I have moved from the county that she works in another county, just north of it. I am now 24 years old and looking to let her know that I am not angry with her, that I am at peace with what happened, even though the abuse is still ongoing. Hi i have been in the system for most of my life and was wondering who reported my parents and would i be able to find out the name or would it still be confidential?

Would you call if you knew that your ex was letting your daugther smoke pot and had a recording of it. Who would I contact if I feel that a child abuse case was not handled properly by the case worker. Hi could u let me know if my social services reports from 13 years ago be shown to my ex partners girlfriend could u please let me now because she is saying she have read them all they have only been together for 2 years many thanks.

My daughter ex mother in law called cps they interviewed my grandson at school n we didn't know tell cps called n told my daughter they did n they was guna call back to schedule to speak to her I was harrassed by someone in my neighborhood and they used DCS as a scare tactic.

I am single and have no children, and yet they had a social worker come to my house. The reporter was smart in that they reported it by mailing an anonymous letter so they could not be traced at all. I have no idea who detests me this much to go to this type of effort. I currently have a guy harassing my family by making false reports to DCS and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it.

The funny thing is, the guy did help me get free child care for a year! Don't bother with CSP - they have ignored facts, physical marks, phone calls , blatant sexualized behavior and comments from a 3 year old..

Developmentally delayed , unable to " tell " the courts , crisis center stated there was no abuse. CPS refuses to see child in ER now when brought to be checked for Mark's , concerned family labeled overzealous.

It does have a closed off bathroom but everything else is open. There is no kitchen sink just a stove and microwave. The father lately has also been having his adult nephew stay with him. The nephew sleeps on the couch, the 2 boys have their bed and the daughter is sleeping in the same bed as the father.

He always has dirty laundry and dishes throughout the home. I am concerned about the welfare of my grand daughter. My daughter has been acting very bizarre for quite a while. She has even been telling people I threatened to murder her husband. Which, of course, I did not. She acts like someone that has been brainwashed and even though she was always a strong willed person I feel her husband is the cause of all of this.

There is much diagnosed mental illness in his family. Paranoid schizophrenics, addictive personalities, alcohol and when he was very young, abusive treatment from his mother.

He appears to have a split personality himself. Like Jekyll and Hyde. I am so afraid for my 22 month old grand daughter. My daughters behavior is so unlike her. What can I do about this? To the previous anon, yes, you can. Under federal law that is not only potentially an exposing a child to sexual material and indecent exposure to a minor charge, but also child endangerment. It also is a drug charge and prostitution.

Even just one of those is enough for you to have your children removed. Can you report someone who's got three children under the age of 11 living with them while they're smoking weed and using their home bro have sex with ramdon men for money on a daily basis? Surly this can't be allowed when you've got children living in the same hime your inviting strange men into your home?

Poor children have watched their mother get with bloke after bloke and most of them are violent towards the mother. Will a drug test be performed is the parent is on drugs. If someone called CPS on someone who they thought the parents were doing wrong and the CPS worker didn't find anything and the mother who is very upset knows someone who is in charge of the system.

Didn't give a name or phone number. I have a mother who grabbed a garden hose and hit me with it she also grabbed a bottle of shampoo which was full and hit me with it until I sobbed she then pushed the hose into my face.

She grabbed my hair and hit my head black. With one swift motion she slapped me in the back of the neck. How Can I report a social worker who has a drug dealer living in her home and she goes to s el drugs with him.

My mom keeps yelling and yelling she hit me ones and tells to go die and that I was a mistake. I knowas stuff bout a mother selling taking heroin selling taking heroin She thinknows she's a good mum! She swears at her mum tell her to shut up in find it appalling! What do I do?? Hey I am a bit worried about a man that keeps having a young boy stopping at his bedsit with him I find it a little odd they my be nothing to it but it need checking out this is happening at 7 chapel close birdwell barnsley s70 5ul.

Hi if I knownof someone who is using illegal drugs and has three children can I report them. I love in Florida and honestly do not know much if any personal information about the women herself or anything about her children.

I only know she is abusing drugs, is there anything I can do to at least report her and maybe have someone look into it!? Can this be reported? How can someone that is high be responsible for children? How do u report someone for having there child around a violent, drug taker , and abuser.

Is it ok for the kids between years old play by themselves on the street without parents supervision? Of those calls, however, less than 2 percent are substantiated by any evidence by CPS after its investigation. Before making a report, it's important to have some degree of certainty that what you have witnessed is really harmful to a child.

Specific definitions of child abuse and maltreatment vary from state to state, but the general definition is straightforward: Child abuse occurs when a parent, guardian or anyone else legally responsible for the child has:.

A maltreated child is any child who has been physically, mentally or emotionally harmed when a parent, guardian or anyone else legally responsible for the child has:. Note that any adult living in the same home as a child is usually considered to be legally responsible for that child. When you make a report to CPS, the response is usually immediate, with an investigation beginning within 24 hours. CPS notifies the adults responsible for the child that a report has been filed and an investigation has started.

CPS may see the child first, if they feel the situation warrants it. They can also take the child into protective custody. Can you make a paging report? Actually, I don't have a specific context, I was just wondering. I would use the first option, as I'm not "transforming" anything into a "physical" result, but on the other hand, suppose I have several Excel tables that I want to transform into one summarized report, would I use do or make? Thanks in advance for your help. Morgana51 , Mar 23, You do a report I'm not sure what you mean by 'paging', though?

If it's a technical term I don't know it. PPC , Mar 23, Actually, in the UK anyway, you basically 'make' a report and 'do' something which is a process.

How do I report a person that is stalking/harassing me?

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How do I report a person that is stalking/harassing me? How do I report a person that is stalking/harassing me? How do I change who can add me as a friend on Facebook? How do I request information about a timeline that was imper How do I post public updates to people following me?

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How to Make an Anonymous Report to Child Protective Services By David Weedmark - Updated June 05, If you believe a child is being abused or maltreated, you can anonymously report it to child protective services, or CPS, by calling the hotline in your state or county. Nov 06,  · Can you make a paging report? Actually, I don't have a specific context, I was just wondering. I would use the first option, as I'm not "transforming" anything into a "physical" result, but on the other hand, suppose I have several Excel tables that I want to transform into one summarized report, would I use do or make?

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