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How to sell your essays and papers online?

Which paper options will I be able to choose from?

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can you sell essays online

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I still think there is a market, albeit a smaller one, for genuine students looking to improve their own work by looking at exemplar, pre-written essays. Seeing how a paper is structured can be really useful in taking it from say, a 90 to a That's certainly what I did in secondary school.

Granted, I never paid for any papers so it might just be wishful thinking. As for Turnitin, I find its business practices highly questionable. The way it's structured is not only anti-competitive, but potentially copyright infringing. I have never, to my recollection, consented to having a copy of my work stored in Turnitin's database when submitting my assignments. I might be missing something here, but doesn't this constitute a violation of my intellectual property rights?

To add insult to injury, I have effectively added value to their company for free while devaluing my own work in the process.

I'm just surprised that there hasn't been any high-profile legal action taken against this company yet. Yes, it does amount to copyright infringement, but so far there have been no successful suits against turnitin. I still think that with the right expensive lawyer, one or more of the essay industry's more well-heeled operators could probably change that.

As for what you think, let me tell you from experience that I uploaded enough papers onto Academon over the years. I don't mess with it anymore. It was a pretty good gig for a while, and then the sales dropped off a cliff.

You'll find out for yourself, maybe, but take some advice, and don't beat your head against a brick wall. If you want to get into this industry, write custom research.

It's all anyone wants anymore. Unless you have become an independent but company attached academic writer, then there is no reason that you cannot resell your papers online. The only reason you cannot sell your academic paper to other sources is if you are attached to a company because they have a clause in the terms of use that turns over all rights and privileges to the paper that you wrote to the person who hired you to do the work.

I think a similar clause exists in the agreement between an independent writer and the client as well. Since you are a student who is out to market his own paper, then you should not have any problems selling it as a model paper through other avenues.

I think that reselling your papers isn't as good an idea as it was before anymore though. Just as editor75 said, that well dried up long ago. These days, you need to write original content for the students already. However, you can still use your original work as your personal model for any related topics that you might be assigned to. It can help to refresh your memory if need be.

Do they run humor, or are the pieces more serious? Are they written in the first person? Do they include quotes from experts? Tear out the essays you like and study them. Do they follow a particular formula? Is there a subject matter they cover regularly? Is the tone snarky or straight-laced? Look at the language they use. Pay attention to the adjectives and adverbs in their stories. Other sites, like Beyond Your Blog and Freelance Success , sometimes disclose editor contact information.

There are countless ways to get the information — trial and error being one of them. The advertising page usually has email addresses, since after all, publications want advertisers to contact them. You can use the configuration listed for the advertising manager e. Unless I know an editor well, I typically start my email submissions the same way: Then paste the entire essay in the body of the email.

For an example of a personal essay pitch, check out our Pitch Fix column. Writers who publish a lot of essays submit a lot of essays! Another reason essays get rejected is simple supply and demand. Most editors have an influx of essays waiting to be read, especially since fewer publications are running essays. Your job is to increase your odds by doing your homework and making sure your piece is a good fit for the magazine you want to pitch.

And before you send, be sure your essay is in the best possible shape. So triple check for typos, superfluous words, and your clear take-home message. Chris Guillebeau introduces the plan you need to finally share your book with the world.

Make this your year of becoming an author. I write a lot of essays, mostly about pretty unusual things that I experience. And have never even considered that there could be a market for them. Sometimes you can be too alternative. Although some of my stuff about being childfree seems to be catching on now. Because as someone who is very different from the mainstream, I felt it was part of my mission statement to educate the public about my points of view.

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Essay papers for sale online. Can you imagine all the things you could be doing if only you had the time? Students just like you have no time to hang out with friends, go to parties, or even watch movies because of all the assignments their professors dump in their laps. If you need money right away and don't have any papers that are old enough to sell, write a few original papers. Get cash up front if you can. Don't rely on the auction sites' honesty.