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Research Basis Strategy in Practice Related Resources The sense of curiosity behind research writing gets lost in some school-based assignments. Strategy in Practice back to top. Before introducing the I-Search paper, set clear goals and boundaries for the assignment. In some contexts, a completely open assignment can be successful. In others, a more limited focus such as research on potential careers e.

Have students generate a list of potential topics. After offering feedback, have students choose the topic that seems to have the most potential and allow them to brainstorm as many questions as they can think of.

Use the I-Search Chart to help students begin to see the relationships among their inquiry questions. Students will be please to hear at this point that they have already completed a significant section of their first draft. Share with students the main components of a finished I-Search project: Explain what you already knew about the topic before you even started researching.

Let readers know what you wanted to learn and why. State your main question and the subquestions that support it. Retrace your research steps by describing the search terms and sources you used. Discuss things that went well and things that were challenging. Search Results Describe your results and give support. Use findings statements to orient the reader and develop your ideas with direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of information from your sources.

Properly cite all information from sources. Search Reflections Discuss what you learned from your research experience. How might your experience and what you learned affect your choices or opportunities in the future. Students will not necessarily be able to look ahead to the value of these reflections, so take the time early in the process to model what reflection might look like and offer feedback on their early responses.

You may wish to use the I-Search Process Reflection Chart to help students think through their reflections at various stages of the process. Support students as they engage in the research and writing process, offering guidance on potential local contacts for interviews and other sources that can heighten their engagement in the authenticity of the research process. To encourage effective organization and synthesis of information from multiple sources, you may wish to have students assign a letter to each of their questions A through E, for example and a number to each of their sources 1 through 6, for example.

As they find content that relates to one of their questions, they can write the corresponding letter in the margin. During drafting, students can use the source numbers as basic citation before incorporating more sophisticated, conventional citation. The I-Search is easy to take online with a basic multi-page blog template on a hosting site such as Wordpress. Students can take advantage of the affordances of writing in digital environments by embedding images, sound clips, and links to video to enhance their own writing.

Additional performance standards might include: Web Design Content is placed on appropriate, well-labeled pages. The pages are linked to one another sensibly all internal links. You should end your "What I Already Know" section with an essential question that focuses on your topic. Essential Questions are "How" or "Why" Questions How did the number 13 become so unlucky? I hope to learn many things when conducting my research about superstitions. Superstitions have been around for centuries, and despite all our modern advances, they still cast their influence.

It seems that the belief in the power behind a certain number, color, or action affects many parts of our society. In addition to learning about superstitions in general, I am also greatly interested in learning more about the influence of the number There are many questions I could ask about the number 13 and its impact on our existence. Restate what you already knew and what you learned. Answer your essential question.

State what you learned about from your sources. This is where your sources come in handy! Your information needs to come from at least two sources. Reflect on Your Research and State Paragraph 2: Reflect on the research process itself.

What did you learn about researching? What did "Sample" Intro When, I really think about it, superstitions and legends have always been a part of my life. It seems that the interesting and sometimes scary stories surrounding superstitions make our experiences more entertaining.

After all, who doesn't enjoy a good tale told around the campfire? If I really think about it, I already know many things about superstitions. For example, certain numbers are considered unlucky in some cultures. The number 13 is not a favorite for many people,and quite a few folks will do anything to avoid it.

One has to wonder though, just how superstitions were created. I mean, who actually was the first person to claim 13 as being unlucky? Why does it still affect us today? Copy of Imperialism, Colonialism, and He Copy of Modernism in Literature. Blog 31 August Prezi at Dreamforce

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Writing Workshop Select a Topic A Need to Know Even though an I-Search paper is usually less for- mal and more personal than a traditional research paper,its purpose is the WHAT’S AHEAD? In this workshop, you.

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Writing an I-Search Paper is not different that a traditional research paper in that there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to produce a comprehensive and cohesive paper. Four sections to an I-Search Paper.

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Writing an I-Search Paper. Notes from online resource: Writing an I-Search Paper. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. The last time you wrote a research paper, you were probably directed to a topic. Having your students write an I-Search paper is a great way to teach about the writing process, research methods and using the many different tools and resources in the library. Broken into four simple writing steps, this form of essay will teach students about researching and writing an essay.

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What is an I-Search paper? It's usually less formal than a traditional research paper; You choose a topic relevant to your life--like parenting, a hobby, or something related to your career; Tags: composition, research papers, rhetoric, writing. Things to bear in mind when writing an I-search paper: * the topic is private but the language must be public and appropriately academic * citation procedures must be followed as though writing a regular research paper.