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Nuclear Family Essays (Examples)

Essays on Nuclear family

❶A Response to Melendez and LaSala.

She can take care of their personal needs in a much better way than she could in a joint family. The family earns, spends and saves money for itself. Parents can invest money for the education of their children. They can put them in good schools and for provide them with better career opportunities.

They can understand one another well. The womenfolk never find time to look after their children for they remain busy in the household work. Children are not educated much as they join the family occupation.

The womenfolk face many restrictions disharmony occurs because of the size of the family. A nuclear family has its disadvantages too. Due to high cost of living in the cities, both the parents pursue a career of their own. This may leave the children unguided. They find no one for advice or discussion. They spend their childhood without the much needed love and company of their parents. With education and awareness, children and the youth today have developed liberal views.

They question the age old traditions. Parents should advise them when necessary or when they move towards the wrong path. They should discuss all matters openly with their children. This would reduce the communication gap between parents and children. The youth today crave for name, fame and wealth. In the nuclear family with working parents sometimes, the youth receives no guidance from their parents.

They turn to friends for advice. I am interested in enrolling in the MBA program because both of these factors are important to me. Certainly, I want to be able to provide…… [Read More]. Murray Bowen developed a theory of family functioning and individual functioning within the family system.

The Bowen theory most importantly takes into account the need to balance individuality with togetherness in tight social systems like families "Bowenian Family Therapy," n. There are eight basic concepts to the Bowen theory. The first is the differentiation of self, which is important for psychological health and well-being.

An example of differentiation of self is when the person is able to hold a different opinion on a political or social issue than a parent without that difference causing a problem in the relationship.

When the self is not differentiated, the person might have internalized the beliefs of mother, father, sister, or brother and cannot tell what is really "me" versus what is a result of programming, the desire for approval or absorbing others' beliefs.

The second concept to Bowen's theory is triangulation. Bowen believes…… [Read More]. New Forms of Family. Family The author of this report is asked to answer to several questions relating to family. These answers include what the main functions of a family are including the answer to the question from a functionalist perspective. How someone's family influences his or her cultural identity shall be answered to including item such as gender, race and identity.

Finally, it shall be explained how family life has changed over the last thirty years. While the forms of family have changed over the last generation or two, the core functions of the family have not changed much at all. The main functions of a family have not entirely changed over the year but they have shifted a bit.

Traditionally, the main focus of family has centered around marriage and having children. However, the definitions of marriage and what makes an "acceptable one" over the years has changed and many families are…… [Read More]. Perspective on the Family. Family Theoretical Perspective The family is a social institution that has attracted a lot of research.

There are many things that revolve around this institution and hence the reason why it attracts a lot of attention and consequent research. The topic of this paper is family and the chosen article is, "Beyond the nuclear family: The increasing importance of multigenerational bonds. There is no single form of true family. In earlier years the nuclear family that comprises of a single set of biological parents and their children was prevalent.

However, there has been a trend towards multiple generations of the same family living and working together in the same household.

Today, there are many types of family forms that can be seen and they are due to the evolution of the family that started off as a result of a…… [Read More]. Family elation and Substance Use Disorders Families have multiple reasons to exist. The key reason, however, is nurturing, and fulfilling the present as well as long-term wants and needs of all members.

A secondary motive is contributing, as a participant and consumer, to the wider society Peter Families have multiple reasons to exist. A secondary motive is contributing, as a participant and consumer, to the wider…… [Read More]. The following interview, conducted with the interviewees uncle, demonstrates the personalized yet somewhat standardized view of family that can and does ultimately emerge when people think about their family. The interviewee, Simon, had not previously though very much about the definition of "family" or how this definition was and is influenced by other social trends, though upon reflection he acknowledged that…… [Read More].

Family Age Students With Learning Disabilities The impact of family motivation on college age students with learning disabilities may be a deciding factor in regard to the student's success or failure.

College age students with learning disabilities obviously have more immediate needs in cooperative learning settings when compared to typical students. Educators cannot just tell the student to just sit-down and read five chapters of Freud. When there are obvious underlying issues, the family, teachers and the students themselves have to work more closely together in order to reach the desired positive outcomes.

Nuclear History This Is a. Everything was routine until the attempted refueling. Moran did her research well, including flying with a KC tanker crew to experience an in-flight refueling so that she was cognizant of exactly what might have taken place that day.

Her account of the accident holds the reader's attention, and, at the same time, seems purely objective. Since the pilots of the 52 survived the disaster, along with the 52 navigator and spare pilot, her telling of the story comes first-hand -- at least the 52 crew's version since all aboard the KC were killed. And, despite the vast differences between what the pilots told her and the results of the investigation board after the accident, Moran holds to an unbiased account of both. She draws no conclusions other than repeating what the investigative board ruled.

While the pilots described only a sudden explosion occurring at the rear of the 52 causing…… [Read More]. Marriage and Family Types.

Monogamous Nuclear Families, Polygamous and Communal Families Family has different connotations for different persons and cultures. In American society, the word is usually meant to denote a nuclear family consisting of a father, mother and their children. However the meaning of family in Asia is different because the family includes the grandparents, relatives and siblings of the elders. Family thus would also denote an entire clan. In African communities the Mormon system has its own connotation of family.

Most of the world has some form of plural marriage, or polygamy, and is sanctioned by religions. Polygamy is not a non-western practice, but also exists in modern Western societies. Koktvedgaard Zeitzen, The common type of family being the nuclear family, the other types have all along attracted researchers to attempt to find an anthropological theory for polygamy that has spread to U. A decade in review p. National Council on Family Relations.

The view from below: Women's employment and gender equality in working-class families. Sussman Eds , Women and the family: Two decades of change p. Factors associated with parent-child dis agreement on child behavior and parenting problems in Chinese immigrant families. The war against parents: What we can do for America's beleaguered moms and dads.

Chinese relationism and depression. Sex role attitude and housework participation among men and women in Taiwan. Paper presented at the…… [Read More]. Generations of Family TV Shows Many believe that scripted television shows provide a window into the culture, by portraying cultural norms and standards. Therefore, family television shows should highlight aspects of family life in American culture during the time period in which the shows were produced, not necessarily the time period portrayed in the show.

This investigation will involve a single television episode from two family-focused television series that stopped airing new shows at least 20 years ago, and a single episode from two family-focused television series that are currently airing on modern television. The two older television shows chosen for this paper are Little House on the Prairie and Bewitched.

Little House on the Prairie Little House on the Prairie was a television series that aired in the mids through early s. It was…… [Read More]. Sociology of Families Making Families. They are therefore not determined or restricted by factors such as norms, morals or external principles. A concise definition of this view is as follows: Constructivism views all of our knowledge as "constructed," because it does not reflect any external "transcendent" realities; it is contingent on convention, human perception, and social experience.

It is believed by constructivists that representations of physical and biological reality, including race, sexuality, and gender are socially constructed Constructivist epistemology Another theoretical and philosophical stance that is pertinent to the understanding of the status of the family in modern society is the post-structural or deconstructive view.

This is allied to a certain extent with the constructivist viewpoint, which sees society as a social construction and denies the reality of transcendent factors.

This view therefore sees the family as a structure which is not fixed or static but is relative in terms of the norms and values…… [Read More]. Sociology and the Family Specific. If the parents are loving and supportive, their own unit will probably remain intact and even grow stronger.

Outside forces could create many sociological impacts on the family, from censure to even loss of careers. In addition, the altering of values inside the family may pave the way for sociological change in the family members in the future. As sociologist Noble states, "Today most people continue to spend most of their lifetime in nuclear family relationships though they undergo continuing changes in their aspirations and expectations as the structural and demographic circumstances of their lives change" Noble, Thus, the two young children in the family may create families of their own that differ from the makeup of their own family, and recognize the diversity of society and family members.

The sociological implications of the problem are many, and the family will have to weather them to stay together and…… [Read More]. According to the authors, this dynamic that many contemporary views consider to be a universal fact of life actually evolved only after the social changes introduced by the Industrial evolution. In fact, any so-called "modern" shift to a more egalitarian sharing of family responsibilities represents more of a return to the more natural state of families than any "radical" or "new" approach.

Branden agrees, again tying in excessive adherence to typical male and female roles as a potential source of unnecessary strain, especially where marital partners may be better suited to a different arrangement or sharing of responsibilities. Likewise, oberts also acknowledges the damage caused to marriage by dissatisfaction, especially among wives, as to the roles prescribed to them by society. Myth 4 - the Unstable African-American Family: In their criticism of the notion that the African-American community reflects a lower level of marital and family stability…… [Read More].

Lilo and Stich Family. Indeed, through the years, society has evolved to make its family institution bigger, more flexible, and wider, yet deeper, in scope. These films centered its theme on how a family is constructed and what are the dynamics or relationships that develop from within upon its creation. This paper discusses and analyzes how these two films depict the concept of…… [Read More].

Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were employed in this study. Instruments include self-report measures and personal narratives of 91 native Hindu married couples participants from three types of living arrangements that I have mentioned earlier.

The qualitative part on the other hand was utilized via personal narratives of the participants ibid, p. For the quantitative part, marital happiness was assessed using the Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Test. The questionnaire also includes a demographic survey portion which was based on the National Health and Social Life Survey.

Quantitative questions on intimacy and conflict can also be found in the questionnaire. For the qualitative part, the instrument devised explored 12 dimensions of the participant's lives: Traditional American Family Is a. We can assume that by the twentieth century, times would have changed.

The typical family in will look radically different than it does today. Families will be looked upon units rather than families and their significance will be greatly diminished due to logic, reason, and the absence of bonding. The family will be more like a contribution to society - a cog in the wheel, if you will - and its only significance will be what it can contribute to society as a whole. The paternal bonds we are ware of today will be complete fiction.

People will read about how the traditional family used to be and they will wonder at how parents and children interacted because this form of interaction has given way to productivity and the common good.

Coontz prepares us for this type of future when she writes that as early as the eighteenth century…… [Read More]. Albertis Family the Family and.

Though this schema works for many, however, there are also downsides to these societal changes that are not often discussed as they are rather unpopular. With greater individual freedom comes greater individual and collective risk. This is not to suggest that women should be controlled by men, or indeed that any segment of society should be controlled by another, but as families become less structured and more permissive entities, responsibility for the production of socially connected citizens becomes more difficult to place, and the concept of social responsibility itself even comes into question.

The answer to this predicament is that the family as a whole becomes responsible, though the individual roles are more freely and equally divided. Some of these changes can even be observed during the Renaissance period that took place from the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries throughout Europe. Though coming to England somewhat later than many mainland…… [Read More]. Sociology Family Relations The Role.

In , Brodzinsky, Patterson, and Vaziri conducted a study of applicants for adoption at various licensed adoption agencies. Some two-thirds of these agencies reported application from potential gay and lesbian parents. Agencies that focused on placing special needs children generally reported more favorable attitudes toward gay and lesbian applicants. The message appears to be that where care of individuals is given first priority, the actual abilities and nature of individuals are also given primary consideration.

In situation where it is difficult to place children i. The change in preference reflects a genuine understanding of the underlying nature of the family relationship. At their core, families exist to provide a nurturing, supportive, and protective environment for their members.

The gay, and other non-traditional applicants, are providing…… [Read More]. Decline in the American Family. Another important area of change relates to sexual norms and values in the family. Studies show that there has a definite growth in more permissive attitudes towards sex and particularly premarital sex. Another central area of change since the 's is the value associated with child rearing and the family.

The more traditional concept of the family has at its core the ideal and value of providing secure and moral child - rearing practices. This aspect has changed and there has been a move away for this central value. Changing Family Form American Family. They also ignore the potential conflict that occurs within traditional families.

Beck-Gernsheim explains that changes in families, which have been occurring since industrialization, are the result of individualization. In pre-industrial times, family structure was centered on work and economics, which each family member having a role to support the family farm or…… [Read More]. Sociology Families Are the Basic. People read the world differently and that explains why they respond to the world differently.

For instance my mother is very tidy and neat whereas my father is the exact opposite. When my family is looked at from the social interaction perspective then it can be clearly concluded that symbolic interaction definitely can explain the divorce Farley, The conflict theory looks at how people within a family struggle for power; how they disagree and how they compete for resources. Wealth and prestige form the basis for most of the competitions. When my family is looked at from the conflict theory it can be said that our family underwent conflicts and disharmony.

This was due to the fact that there are different dynamics and roles played by my family members. First traditionally the father are seen as the head of the family and it should come naturally. However this was…… [Read More].

Multiple Therapeutic Models of a Family the. Multiple Therapeutic Models of a Family The main components of structural therapy Structural therapy is a family treatment model founded on the frameworks of systems theory.

The distinctive component of this model is the emphasis it has placed on structural adjustments as the primary objective of the therapy session. This emphasis is prominent over details of adjustments in individual behaviors. The main purpose of structural family therapy is prevention of sequences from repetition by coveting the hierarchical structures of families.

This encompasses shifts in power distribution among family members by adjusting interaction styles. Nevertheless, structural family therapy operates by making alterations on the dysfunctional family structure through encouragement and promotion of growth among family members with the primary intention of re-building the family Petridis,…… [Read More].

Toulmin Argument on American Families Up to 30 years ago, divorces were difficult to obtain and were very rare in American society. However, in , the advent of no-fault divorce laws caused a spike in divorce rates. Qualifier follows- This paper argues that if the United States wants to preserve the traditional ideals of the American family, claim follows -- the no fault divorce laws must be repealed. Support 1 follows -- The no-fault divorce laws have caused an alarming spike in the divorce rate.

In a statistical study, researchers found an estimated. The s saw a "divorce boom," when the divorce rate more than doubled. In fact, the divorce rates in the states that have adopted no fault divorce laws were much lower than their no-fault counterparts Nakonezny, Shull, and Rodgers.

The ease of…… [Read More]. Social and Family Change in Modern Society. Family Roles The family unit certainly serves as mechanism to ensure the survival of the human species, just as "family" units in the animal world function primarily to ensure that the young offspring reach an age when they can survive on their own. Interestingly -- and expanding the analogy -- the concept of "surviving on their own" does not mean surviving in isolation, except for those few animal species for which a solo existence in the norm.

Indeed, for some animal species, a solo existence is dictated by the demand of territory with large expanses of wilderness or prairie required for their subsistence. But for human's surviving on one's own is taken to mean primarily an emotional maturity -- achieving an adult capacity -- with a strong economic overlay.

As society becomes more diverse, examples of how families support this independent living that is nested within social groups that are…… [Read More]. Saroj Parasuraman's book, Integrating Work and Family: Challenges and Choices for a Changing World, examines the modern conflict between work and family from a number of perspectives.

The author delves into the specific types of work and family conflicts, and the impact that they have on a number of actors, and argues that these conflicts stem from changes in work and family during this century. In Integrating Work and Family, Parasuraman attempts to examine the conflict between family and work from a variety of those impacted, including individuals, employers, consultants, and counselors.

Writes Parasuraman, "The problem of…… [Read More]. Social Changes for the American Family Today. Social Changes for the American Family: Today and in 10 Years The next ten years will see a greater variation in the structure of families and marriages, with much greater variations and flexibility than has ever been the case in the past. This will be primarily driven by the recognition that children, regardless of the composition of a family unit, need the structure and stability of long-term relationships at the adult level of stabilize their emotional maturation Milot, This shift to as much greater tolerance of marriage structures in addition to a questioning of consumerism, and if economic conditions continue to be turbulent, anti-consumerism, will mark the next ten years.

The American family will shift from the prototypical nuclear family definition to one marked by more of a polyglot of roles, responsibilities and lifestyles Milot, American Families and the Nostalgia.

Families these days are "in crisis" because all of us have lost a lot of values that used to keep a family together Kim, However, as a reader one might notice just little discrepancy in her dispute and statistics, which may remind that all of these socio-cultural examinations have been basically constructions that tell the story in a better way or worse than each other, but not flawless Kim, Thus, this is just too big an issue to get the whole thing completely balanced and organized.

However, her logic has been well-developed and with given facts and statistics, it derived some very outstanding conclusions. For example, in the last two chapters, she tied up the analysis and…… [Read More]. Judith Stacy is a professor as well as author of cultural and social analysis. She focused mainly on studies of gender, queer relationships, and sexuality.

She explores the typical pattern of relationships that deviate the basic western marriages idea in her article.

In Stacey got her bachelor degree from university of Michigan. Hence, a nuclear family is an autonomous unit free from the control of the elders. Thus, a nuclear family is mostly independent. The American family is a typical example of the modern independent nuclear family. The nuclear family is a characteristic of all the modern industrial societies. Bottomore, the universality of the nuclear family can be accounted for by the important functions that it has been performing.

The nuclear family has been performing the sexual, the economic, the reproductive, and the educational functions. According to him, the indispensability of these and a few other functions has contributed to universality.

Anthropologists too have consistently emphasised the economic functions of the family in primitive societies. A major factor in maintaining the nuclear family is economic co-operation based upon division of labour between sexes. Levi Strauss has said much about the miserable situation of unmarried individuals in most of the primitive societies.

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Essay on Nuclear Family – The individual nuclear family is a universal social phenomenon. It can be defined as “a small group composed of husband and wife and immature children which constitutes a unit apart from the rest of the community.” (Duncan Mitchell in his “Dictionary of Sociology’). In simple words, a nuclear family is [ ].

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Sociology: Family and family Diversity Essay. in question. Assess the nature and extent of family diversity in society today? (24 Marks) Family diversity is any different family type that deviates away from the nuclear family (Two generations under one roof.

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Sep 14,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | The Nuclear Family Replaced the Extended Family After Industrialisation Talcott Parsons believed that the nuclear family. Family essay plan – Modern nuclear family. Posted on February 11, by Karl Thompson Assess the view that the modern nuclear family is the most effective type of family unit in which to socialise children and stabilise adult personalities (24).