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Say No to Drugs Essay


❶Any new players should bring along a copy of their birth certificate.

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Why War on Drugs Essay?
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A special non-rider trail class also will be offered. Though this is an informal show, appropriate riding boots and hard hats are required. Ribbons and awards will be given in each class. Age restrictions apply to certain classes and divisions and all children under 8 years old must exhibit on ponies to be included in the show.

For information about the show, call The concert, entitled "Songs We Love to Sing," will feature classical, sacred, popular and folk music. The Lafayette group was founded in by former members of the college choir. John Raymond will conduct the program. The Blue Mountain Community Library will hold its first book sale from 10 a. All sales will benefit the library's Building Acquisition Fund.

Hardcover and paperback books will be sold individually or by the bag. Other fund-raising items also will be available for purchase. Registration for Northampton Athletic Association football will be held from Eligible children must be 6 to years-old. Any new players should bring along a copy of their birth certificate. For more information call The Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem will hold a summer day camp for children ages from June and from July The camps will be held from 8: Children will participate in activities on colonial cooking, building with colonial tools and wheat grinding.

Campers will build bird feeders and a natural aquarium. For more information, call June 03, The Morning Call. Watch your back, don't hang with the wrong crowd, don't do drugs, that's what you should vow. One kid will see another doing drugs, and maybe find out they have been doing it for quite some time. One looking at the other, the other seems fine, and maybe seems to enjoy its effects. Why shouldn't they do it, when all the other evidence against it is simply what their parents have told them against it and what the school has.

So, because they see evidence right in front of them says that it doesn't kill you, their curiosity may win over. Peer pressure may be another part of it. When you are with a group of people, and everyone else is taking drugs except you, you probably feel uncomfortable and not part of the crowd.

So when one of them offers a chance to let you be involved again, it is difficult to say no. The offer may be a trusted friend even, that you do not think would ever do anything to harm you.

When you are not doing something that everyone else is, you feel nervous that they will not accept you as one of them anymore. That, if it happened, would make you alone, and weak on an instinctual level even. Human gain strength and confidence in numbers and without other to group with, you are vulnerable. So, if you are threatened to be pushed away from the safety, not many will refuse to do something, even if you are slightly uncomfortable with it.

The title word is really appropriate. We must say Just "No to Drugs. No one have the priority to destroy his life but drugs gives that stupid chances. And it is our stupid young generation who take it to get rid of problems. But it is not a solution at all; everyone should face his problem strongly. It is a cowardness which gives nothing but takes a lot.

I thought that the meaning of KISS is Keep It Sweet and Simple but anyway all people know the harmful effects that drugs does to them but still take in the drugs.

This is because they have there reasons to, they usually say they know of people who usually take drugs for ages and nothing happened to them or they are affected by others and want to be like them or they just say they cant stop it hard because its so addictive. Well,if people known about drugs means they are aware about the effects. People who takes drugs usually because the encouragement from their friends. There are legal drugs that used for medications and illegal drugs that really strong and addicted.

Moreover,drugs can cause criminals that may hurt others around you. Therefore,stay away from illegal drugs!!!! Nevertheless,Drugs will control your mind and feelings where you doesn't know what is right and what is wrong. Kids dying, getting high, some kids even getting special medical treatments. People do drugs because they think that taking drugs will make them feel good about themselves or takes away unwanted feelings, but drugs have other effects.

Drugs change the chemicals in our brains, and when those chemicals change our feelings and actions change too. Be smart and think before you act. Don't waste your life in something that is not worth it. There are times that we encounter fear and disappointments in life yet we still manage to stand up straight and face it rather that being silent.

That was a very good example of being a brave person. Well, I would like to thank you for sharing a very good article it is very much appreciated, good job! You can visit my site too if you want. Have a great day! First time I commented in a blog! I really enjoy it. You have an awesome post. Please do more articles like this. I'm gonna come back surely. Wednesday, November 12, Say no to "Drugs". Drugs are chemical that have a profound impact on the neurochemical balance in the brain which directly affects how you feel and act.

Many people of the world now suffering by using drugs. Survey says, most of the people use drugs for fun and to get escape from their problems. They are trying to self-medicate themselves out of loneliness, low self-esteem, unhappy relationships or stress.

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The Legalization of Drugs: Just Say No Essay Words | 3 Pages. The idea of legalizing drugs is as bad as the drugs itself. Some drugs are though to have positive medical use, but that's a though to be untrue considering the contradicting facts. How could drugs that are so addicitve be in any way helpful, specially in a medical manner.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Say No To Drugs" No To Drugs Drugs are chemicals which affect the neurochemical balance in the brain which then affects how a person feels and acts. Drugs are generalized into two factions: one for medication and one for illegal use or what is .

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Say No to Drugs" is now visible almost everywhere. Drug addiction is a major social evil of modern times. Major newspaper headlines and sensational television . Essay on Effects of Drugs - Controversies over drugs and the effects they have physically, mentally, and emotionally have been around for centuries. Some argue the fact that smoking marijuana has no health effects on the body. Some also say that other drugs have no long term mental consequences to suffer.

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Drugs Essay. Drugs Kendall Beard COM/ May 6, Brian Townsley In my experience, for decades, many people have debated over the use of marijuana and whether it is good or bad for you. Sep 20,  · 2. Say No to Drugs Essay Everyone says AHO! - Words Everyone says AHO! Music is the bridge to connect with different cultures; music without any national boundaries. On Friday,September 20, I attended the musical extravaganza Everyone says AHO! at the Lehman Theater.