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Underground Railroad Essay

Essay title: Underground Railroad Essay

❶Freedom is the desire of all great souls.

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As these activists risked their lives for the betterment of a society, they created a milestone in American History that lead to a more civilized world.

The Underground Railroad began as a possible solution to the freeing of slaves during the harsh sectional tensions between the North and the South in the s. There was a drastic increase in slaves throughout the South of the United States as tobacco and rice plantations became the basis of its economic dependency. The cotton grown along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina differed from the cotton produced further inland, making it a top cash crop in the South.

Without the working of slaves on these plantations, the financial state of the South would be destroyed. There were many codes and laws that prohibited slaves from practicing medicine, owning guns, raising animals, testifying against whites, and gathering in groups of five or more. With the exception of those in Maryland, Kentucky, and the city of Washington, slaves were not legally allowed to learn to read or write.

In addition to the personal restrictions of the individual slave, many white slave owners attacked relationships between slave families. Although slaves could live together as usband and wife, their marriage contracts were not even considered valid. Slave masters often separated families when selling slaves to other plantation owners. Slave owners expected mothers of newborn infants to return to work a week after giving birth.

Women in the fields were forced to leave their babies unattended in the shade and were only allowed to hold and feed them twice a day. One woman reported returning to her baby son only to find a large snake curled around his body. She vowed at that moment to seek freedom for herself and her child.

Antislavery ideas were present around the world beginning in the 17th century. Various Quaker groups created an antislavery mentality that dictated the morals of their practices. The Presbyterian Church was also an active force in the early fght against slavery. Emerging from New England came the Abolitionists, who otten promoted their antislavery beliets through newspapers, pamphlets, and other written tracts.

One of the most famous abolitionists was William Lloyd Garrison, who published the first issue of The Liberator. The Liberator was an antislavery newspaper that called for the universal emancipation of the slave. In , Garrison met in Philadelphia with sixty-three delegates from eleven states to form the American Anti- Slavery Society. This organization sponsored antislavery lectures, organized fairs to raise money for printing pamphlets, and started schools for African-American children.

Frederick Douglass, a fugitive slave, teamed up with Garrison and became a prominent orator for abolitionists throughout the United States. Douglass was an extremely persuasive fgure in African American society because he could energize a crowd with his writings and speeches. Douglass began his own newspaper, The North Star, which further advocated his antislavery beliefs by recounting his own experience as a slave.

It is evident we must be our own representatives and advocates — not exclusively, but peculiarly — not distinct from, but in connection with our white friends. The first record of what was to become the Underground Railroad was on May 12th, with a letter from General George Washington.

The Underground Railroad was more than a road to their salvation; it was a path to a new life. People whose God given freedom was but a distant dream deserved this new life.

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Don't have an account? Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow VirtueValueVision. I found the Underground Railroad very interesting at first. The more I learned about this movement, the more interested I became. When I chose this topic, I was interested in learning about the entire movement in general.

I wanted to learn more about the locations of the slave hideouts, and who was involved. I wanted to find what led to the start of this movement, and when it started.

I was successful with my research, and learned about all the things I was hoping to find. The Underground Railroad was a remarkable pathway to freedom which freed many from slave states and left behind an incredible story to show the importance of this event to history today. First of all, the impact of the Underground Railroad has helped form America's legacy like no other event in our nation's former times. No one knows exactly when it started, but there were definitely advanced cases of help given to runaways as early as the 's.

Slaves had more than one reason for turning to freedom. Most were scared of being parted from friends and family, but some just wanted to live a normal life. Some slaves had it so bad that they had to escape just to stay alive. There are several different myths as to where this legendary path to freedom got its name. Some say the name probably originated from the popularity of the new railroads.

Other people say it was called the Underground Railroad because of the swift, secret way in which slaves escaped. The Underground Railroad began in the 's under Quaker support.

The activity gained recognizable fame after the 's. Details of escaped slaves were highly exposed and overstated in the North and South. The phrase 'Underground Railroad' was first divulged during the early 's.

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- The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was one of the most remarkable protests against slavery in United States history. It was a fight for personal survival, which many slaves lost in trying to attain their freedom.

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Thus the name underground railroad became synonymous with escape and freedom. [ 6 ] It is widely believed that the system started in when Isaac Hopper, a Quaker began to organize a system for hiding, abiding and aiding fugitive slaves. The Underground Railroad Essay - The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was one of the most remarkable protests against slavery in United States history. It was a fight for personal survival, which many slaves lost in trying to attain their freedom.

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The Underground Railroad was neither a road nor underground; it was any number of houses, caves, hidden rooms, and empty barns, and it was any place a runaway could safely hide (Buckmaster, 42). The first movements of the Underground Railroad began with the involvement of the Quakers. Essay about The Underground Railroad Words | 5 Pages. were beaten. For these reasons, many slaves decided to risk their lives and run away in search of freedom. The Underground Railroad was formed in and more than , slaves escaped between and